EGEX Presale Information

Dear EGEX Community:

We are pleased to announce that the EGEX pre-sale is coming on Bounce. Details about our presale will be updated on all social media platforms. Join our official ​community telegram​ and follow us on ​twitter​ to stay upto date on our latest developments and annoucements.

EGEX Token Presale Overview

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EGEX Tokenomics

Tokenomics Summary:

Total Supply: 120,000 EGEX
EGEX Expansion: 12,000 EGEX ~ 10%
EGEX Developers: 8,400 EGEX ~ 7%
EGEX Business/Hype Program: 9,600 EGEX ~ 8%
EGEX Ecosystem: 36,000 EGEX ~ 30%
EGEX Presale: 30,000 EGEX ~ 25%
EGEX Hard Cap: 54 ETH
EGEX Presale Price: 0.0018 ETH
EGEX Unsold Tokens: Will be burned.

Uniswap EGEX Pool: 24,000 EGEX ~ 20%
Uniswap ETH Pool: 48 ETH
Uniswap EGEX Price: 0.0020 ETH
Liquidity Lock: 12 months.

Circulating Supply:

2. EGEX UNISWAP pool / 20%
3. Spent tokens from EGEX Business/Hype Program / 1–8%

Maximum Circulating Supply at Uniswap listing if Hard Cap reached:
63,600 EGEX ~ 53%


Pre-Sale details, date and time will be shared soon. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and join in our Telegram Discussion Group to be the first to receive details.

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EGEX is a platform that enables you to build oracles on the blockchain for secure data exchange between the interacting participants.